Product Description

Rohto Lycee Contact Eye Drops is specially designed to use for contact lens wearers.

It effectively suppresses discomfort arising out of prolonges wear of hard or soft contact lenses.

Contains a keratinous treatment and HEC component that treats dry eyes.

Can be used on contact lenses. Relief from itchy, dry & tired eyes; eye mucus and blurry eyes.

For instillation of drop: Good for eyestrain, blear in vision, excess eye mucus, tear fluid aid against dryness, uncomfortable feeling wearing soft/hard contact lenses. 

Tetrahydrozoline : Relieves red eye, cleared eye

Sodium Chondroitin sulphate : Protect the cornea and soothes tired eyes.

Pink Vitamin B12: Relaxes muscles around the eyes to relieve tired eyes

Zinc Sulphate : Alleviates inflammation caused by ultraviolet rays.

How to use: Drop 1 – 3 drops to eye at a time. Can use up to 6 times a day when need. Contact lens wetting solution.

Can be used as lubricating drops for insertion of prescription contacts or color contacts.

Place of Origin : Japan

Shelf Life : 2 years (June 2022)